Leak detection and repair
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105th St Plumbing and Heating team of plumbers uses state-of-the-art equipment to locate concealed leaks. Water leaks can cause serious damage to your home and furnishings in a short time, so don't wait to have your home inspected. Our 4th Ave Plumbing and heating, well trained plumbers will arrive at your home in a timely manner and locate and repair the source of your plumbing problems quickly.
 The Leak Detection and Repair Services most requested by our customers are:

  • Underground Water Service Leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Concealed Pipe Leaks
  • Water Heater Leaks
  • Boiler Leaks
  • Sewer and Waste Pipe Leaks

We're proud to employ the best plumbers available!
Our fully trained plumbers respect your time as well as your home and they'll get the job done right the first time. Guaranteed! Our trucks are fully stocked with thousands of repair and replacement parts. This means that of the time we can solve your plumbing problem on-the-spot... saving you valuable time and money!